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Tue Aug 26 19:39:35 MDT 2014

'Digging up the dirt':
Daphna Whitmore reviews Nicky Hager's 'Dirty Politics':

Every August leading bankers and strategists of the world economy meet at
Jackson Hole in Wyoming.  Michael Roberts examines the real economic
backdrop to this month's meeting:

In Palestine, 'Israel' and justice, Tony Norfield reminds us that the
Israeli state is quite different from apartheid.  Israel doesn't primarily
use (or need) the Palestinians as a cheap labour force; instead its aim is
to drive them away and/or kill them:

We've also stuck up the statement by the Popular Front for the Liberation
of Palestine - the largest secular left-wing group in Palestine - on the
police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and their solidarity
with the cause of black liberation in the USA:
NB: We regularly run material by the PFLP, as we believe western leftists
have an especial duty to solidarise with secular-left forces in the region

(We'll be shortly be running a piece by one of the blog's supporters on the
militarisation of the police in the USA; something that is also proceeding
in NZ)

Normally, deep recessions and depressions herald not only the sickness of
the capitalist system but also are part of its recovery, opening the way to
a new round of dynamic capital accumulation.  Yet the years of economic
recession since the subprime collapse in the USA aren't producing such a
result.  Michael Roberts looks at the myth of the return to normal and the
French revolutionary workers organisation Lutte Ouvriere look at the
current state of the world economy, coming to a similar conclusion:

And don't forget other recent highlights.
An in-depth examination of the third Labour government (1972-75):

And as Iraq continues to be torn apart, check out the examination of the
role of imperialist power games in this:

Lastly, there is an excellent video of Michael Roberts' presentation at
Marxism 2014.  Mike looks at the tools of Marxism and deploys them very
effectively to explain current trends in the global economy.  The video
includes questions and comments from the audience, which are also very

for the Redline blog collective

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