[Marxism] Counter-revolutionary "Left"will again be with NATO

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 00:12:35 MDT 2014

New from Linux Beach:

      Counter-revolutionary "Left"will again be with NATO

> This time it will be by their silence.
> Here's the situation:
> The rise as ISIS, a group that al Qaeda calls too extreme, and the 
> connection of a British voice to the brutal beheading of James Foley, 
> has caused the leaders of western imperialism to address the fact that 
> many holders of European, British, Canada, Australian and American 
> passports have gone to fight in Syria.
> This has in turn forced them to address the question of motivation: 
> Why have thousands of young people from those countries given up 
> relatively comfortable lives in the west to play /"Lawrence of 
> Arabia"/ in the very land that Lawrence made a name for himself? Why 
> have they joined the Arab revolt? And here they start to sound like 
> idiots. They talk about the attraction of jihad and Internet 
> brainwashing and everything else they can think of but in the end they 
> can conjure up no good reasons why a sane person would risk his young 
> life in a foreign land.
> The simple, and for them, unspeakable fact is that what motivates 
> these recruits most is that having witnessed the valor and the 
> suffering of the Syrian people on the Internet these past few years, a 
> growing number have desired to come to the aid of the Syrian people 
> and have taken up their cause. I think these foreign fighters in Syria 
> have much in common with the internationalists that went to Spain to 
> fight for the republic as the clouds where gathering for World War 2. 
> Coincidentally, war clouds are gathering in Europe again. They were 
> motivated by the cause of the republic, the courage of the 
> revolutionaries, and the suffering of the Spanish people fighting 
> against such uneven odds. It will ultimately save humanity that young 
> people are willing time and again to put aside their fears and 
> personal safety in the service of others.
> While its true that the Lincoln Brigade and groups like it came under 
> relatively progressive leadership, whereas most of the young 
> foreigners fighting in Syria have given themselves to very reactionary 
> leadership, the motivations are quite similar, they want to intervene 
> against Assad's murder of the children. It certainly isn't the fault 
> of these young people that there is no /"left"/ or progressive road to 
> Damascus, no /"Lincoln Brigade,"/ those that occupy the high ramparts 
> of the /"Left"/ have seen to that. But for Muslim youth around the 
> world the Islamists have put in place a highway that leads from the 
> local mosque to the front-lines. Because they have mobilized for the 
> Syrians while the "Left" has cheered on Assad, these reactionary 
> jihadists have gained in strength while the /"Left"/ has been complete 
> discredited in their eyes. [The Left is with Assad.]
> Of course, these commentators on CNN, Fox News and the like can't 
> afford to talk about these more noble motivations for going to Syria 
> and fighting with whoever claims to be fighting Assad, because then 
> they would have to talk about what is really happening in Syria and 
> try to explain why the murder of two hundred thousand people in three 
> years in a relatively small country merited so little coverage. They 
> can't do that.
> And the /"anti-imperialist"/ Left can't raise these points either 
> because they are guilty of the same crimes as the bourgeoisie when it 
> comes to Syria.
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