[Marxism] If Obama doesn't want to do it, he'll go to Congress

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 10:36:30 MDT 2014

New from Linux Beach in San Antonio:

      If Obama doesn't want to do it, he'll go to Congress

> That's what the commentator or politician, I didn't get the name, said 
> on CNN this morning. He was talking about President Barack Obama's 
> threat to attack ISIS in Syria. His point was that if Obama was 
> bluffing and really didn't want to attack, as was the case after 
> Bashar al-Assad's use of sarin to kill more than a thousand people in 
> East Ghouta, Syria last year, he would go to Congress and let it die. 
> If he did want to bomb ISIS in Syria, he would just do it.
> When Obama was looking for a reason to renege on his promise to attack 
> Assad if he killed with chemical weapons, he took his problem to 
> Congress. Most of the anti-imperialist /"Left"/ promptly started 
> organizing anti-war protests to protect Assad from Obama, /as if/ 
> Obama ever had any real intentions of attacking the fascist dictator 
> that for years he has been publicly appealing to /"step down"/ 
> voluntarily.
> When Congress did what everyone knew they would do, oppose Obama's 
> /"proposed"/ military action against Assad, the whole anti-imperialist 
> /"Left"/ burst out in celebration, took credit for the /"reversal"/, 
> and bragged about their growing power. I heard David Swanson do 
> exactly that when he spoke in Los Angeles afterwards. Now he calls 
> <http://warisacrime.org/blog/1568> Obama's new bombing in Iraq without 
> going to congress first /"justified."/ What jerks these people are! At 
> the time I likened them to the little boy in car commercial dressed as 
> Darth Vader that thinks he started the family car with /"the Force,"/ 
> while his father creates the magic with the cars remote start.


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