[Marxism] Captives held by Islamic State were waterboarded - The Washington Post

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
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I believe Marxists should view the U. S. government military and other forces as the CIA and its operatives - as not liberators, or defenders of human rights - but for a capitalist class that wants to exploit and harm people - And for those Israel Zionist forces that want to weaken in any way possible all Arab people's forces that are perceived as possible future threats to a Israel State. Marxists should make it clear for non-support of the U. S. military - period.  Not cheer leading for military attacks!  

Last year when you were indirectly rooting for the U. S.military to launch attacks on Syria and Bashir al-Assad's forces - and I stated that there was a miniscule Left among the Syria opposition - but I was deeply alarmed by the large number of Sunni Islamic fundamentalists - you said I was wrong about the political composition of the organized opposition then.  

Now that my concerns then - are shown to have been correct and your replies and comments wrong, in denying any such large Sunni fundamentalist makeup (and I have kept those emails) - so are you now no longer urging attacking Bashir al-Assad's forces and following the latest U. S. government switching policy to attack ISIS forces? 

Just as you were cheer leading for U. S. and other imperialist military attacks in Libya?
I look back now and see while I opposed Ghadaffi, your articles were cheering on the NATO attacking.  Things have not turned out better for Libyans have they?  Could you tell me of the large Marxists forces involved in Libya that are supporting your forces there, you had previously cheered for - I do not know of such from my own contacts?

Why are you now sending to this list, this latest below U. S. government propaganda NY Times article -  that the only conclusion would be to support U. S. military attacks!!    

This NY Times newspaper article aimed to scare liberals and encourage support for the latest U. S. government war drums, was obviously a Pentagon generated piece of propaganda.  I leave below the names of those "experts" cited.  I do not believe any of these are marxists - just U. S. government operatives.  I have mentioned before the CIA has many journalists as well on its payroll.   

Please state I am wrong - and you also oppose ALL U. S. military attacks and all efforts to aid both U. S. government and Israel military and policy objectives. Otherwise many on this list might view you going over the cliff and joining the neo-cons from such puff pieces composed obviously by the U. S. government operatives! 

As a Gay activist, I am no supporter of Wahabi Sallafists or any religious based fanatics, but also as a socialist I do not support capitalist military forces whose purpose is not for the Arab masses interests, but to exploit and harm.

Look at the sources cited in this NY Times article - and question why you would
even want to share this on this List - without making it clear this was a flawed Pentagon generated puff piece - we have seen this Pentagon Show Before!!!

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> NY Times, August 28 2014
> Military Skill and Terrorist Technique Fuel Success of ISIS
> BAGHDAD — As fighters for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continue 
> to seize territory, the group has quietly built

> “These are the academies that these men graduated from to become what 
> they are today,” said the Iraqi, a researcher named Hisham Alhashimi.

> “These guys know the terrorism business inside and out, and they are the 
> ones who survived aggressive counterterrorism campaigns during the 
> surge,” said one American intelligence official, 

> After ISIS stormed into Mosul, one official recalled a startling phone 

> Background on ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Video Credit By 
> Christian Roman on Publish Date June 30, 2014. Image CreditReuters
> Ahmed al-Dulaimi, the governor of Anbar Province, which is now largely 
> controlled by ISIS, said 

> Derek Harvey, a former Army intelligence officer and specialist on Iraq 
> who now directs the University of South Florida’s Global Initiative for 
> Civil Society and Conflict, said 

> Hassan Abu Hanieh, a Jordanian expert on Islamist groups, said
> Michael Knights, an Iraq analyst at the Washington Institute for Near 
> East Policy, said 
“There is no one in Baghdadi’s state who is not a believer,” Mr. Alhashimi said.
> Ben Hubbard reported from Baghdad, and Eric Schmitt from Washington. 
> Reporting was contributed by Omar al-Jawoshy from Baghdad, Karam 
> Shoumali from Istanbul, and Hwaida Saad and Mohammed Ghannam from 
> Beirut, Lebanon.


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