[Marxism] Russian nationalists convene, this time without their "anti-imperialist" allies

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 29 07:10:42 MDT 2014


Less than two months ago Richard Brenner (Workers Power) and Alan 
Freeman (Socialist Action) were feted in the Hotel Yalta-Intourist by 
assorted Russian fascists and ultra-nationalists at a conference about 
Ukraine. The same initiative, meeting again this weekend, will 
apparently be without them.

The first conference produced a “Declaration” (full of worthy 
anti-fascist and anti-war verbiage, designed for a European/US 
left-liberal audience) and a “Manifesto” (which amounted to a programme 
to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth, or at least to reduce it to 
the borders of pre-World-War-One Galicia).

Brenner defended his attendance at the conference on the grounds that 
“some of the people in the resistance are nationalists and socially 
reactionary on some (not all) questions.” As for the “Manifesto”, 
according to Brenner, “there is nothing reactionary in its practical 

(An astonishing conclusion, bearing in mind that the title of the 
Manifesto – “Manifesto of the Popular Front for the National Liberation 
of Ukraine, Novorossiya and Transcarpathian Rus’” – was itself a 
“practical proposal” for the dismemberment of Ukraine.)

This weekend's conference in the same hotel is entitled “Russia, 
Ukraine, Novorossiya: Global Problems and Challenges”, and will launch 
what it calls the “Anti-Fascist (Anti-Maidan) Council of the Russian 
Federation”. (1)

The conference is organised by the “Co-ordination Centre for Novaya 
Rus’” – one of the organisations headed by Aleksei Anpilogov which ran 
the earlier conference attended by Brenner and Freeman.

Three of the conference’s listed speakers attended the earlier 
conference: Anpilogov, Vladimir Rogov and Pyotr Getsko. (Anpilogov can 
fairly be described as a nationalist-cum-fascist; the latter two are 
more ultra-nationalist/fascist-fellow-travellers.)

But this time they are not meeting with a couple of (possibly) useful 
idiots from the British left.

Keynote speakers at the conference include Igor Strelkov-Girkin and 
Alexander Borodai (respectively, former Defence Minister and former 
Prime Minister of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’). Both are members of 
the Izborsky Club, a Russian fascist ‘think tank’ headed up by Alexander 
Prokhanov and Alexander Dugin.

Sergei Glazyev (presidential aide to Putin, and a member of the Izborsky 
Club) will also address the conference, as too will Mikhail Delyagin 
(Russian academic and a member of the Izborsky Club).

Other speakers include Mikhail Sheremet (former head of the ‘Crimean 
Self-Defence’ which worked with the Russian military in the annexation 
of the Crimea, subsequently appointed Crimean Deputy Prime Minister) and 
Mateusz Piskorski:

“Piskorski is an open proponent of Nazism, a holocaust denier, and the 
author of articles in the portals “White World” and “I, A Russian”. He 
was the leading light of the Polish skinhead paper ‘Odala’, where he 
praised the Aryan race and Adolf Hitler.” (2)

Publicity for the conference states that it will be attended by “members 
of the Izborsky and Zinoviev Clubs”.

The latter Club is named after the late Soviet philosopher Alexander 
Zinoviev: an admirer of Stalin, a supporter of Milosevic, and an 
opponent of Western values. The Club is concerned with the restoration 
of “traditional Russian values”.

Also attending the conference will be “parliamentary and government 
delegations from twelve European countries.” So far, only one of them 
has been named: Marton Dyondyoshi, a leading figure in the Hungarian 
far-right and particularly anti-semitic party Jobbik.

The list of speakers shows the hollowness of the expression 
“anti-fascist” in the context of this conference and its goal of setting 
up an “Anti-Fascist Council”.

(It is no less hollow in the context of: “Campaign in Solidarity with 
the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine”, to which Workers Power, 
Socialist Action and other more explicit brands of Stalinism are 

There is nothing “anti-fascist” about the politics of the Izborsky Club 
members. There is nothing “anti-fascist” about the politics of 
Dyondyoshi. There is nothing “anti-fascist” about the politics of the 
French National Front (regularly praised on separatist websites).

“Anti-fascist”, in this context, is no more than a verbal fig-leaf to 
cover up for straightforward Russian-imperialist aggression against Ukraine.

And the fact that the organisers of the first Yalta conference have now 
organized this weekend’s event, inviting along sundry fascists, 
Hitler-admirers and anti-semites, tells you a lot about their own 
politics as well.

But for the likes of Worker’s Power, perhaps Jobbik should now also be 
classed as no more than “nationalists (who are) socially reactionary on 
some (not all) questions”?


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