[Marxism] Another example of the rank dishonesty of these people - highlighting Jason Ditz

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Aug 30 10:26:58 MDT 2014

On 8/30/14 11:48 AM, Clay Claiborne via Marxism wrote:
> In yesterday's mis-named antiwar.com Jason Ditz claims no Russian invasion
> of Ukraine is taking place and no proof has been offered.

What a fucking joke. With a cynicism I haven't seen outside the last 
dozen or so American presidencies, RT.com reports 

"About 3-4,000 Russian citizens joined anti-government fighters during 
Kiev crackdown in Ukraine’s east, says the leader of Donetsk independent 
republic, noting that self-defense fighters have never concealed this fact."

But none of this will perturb the "anti-imperialists". It is as Roger 
Annis, Putin's Anna Louise Strong, put it: "There is not a chance they 
could have resisted for so long and so successfully Kyiv’s NATO-backed 
military offensive if they didn’t have a political and social cause 
worth fighting for." It doesn't matter to Annis that not a single action 
taken by the Donetsk People's Republic can be described as 
anti-capitalist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These idiots who 
get all googly-eyed over a brawny Russian Marine who fought in Chechnya. 
Who can blame them? With a left that can barely get a hearing from 
workers in the West, what better surrogate can there be than a fantasy 
based on distant memories of Eisenstein's "The Battleship Potemkin".

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