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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 31 13:30:52 MDT 2014

A Google search on “Ukraine”, “NATO” and “imperialism” results in 
493,000 hits. Right off the top, there’s a Youtube clip of Rick Rozoff 
who runs the “Stop NATO” Yahoo mailing list and is an old hand at this, 
followed by other old hands such as Eric Draitser, Global Research, the 
Spartacist League, and the World Socialist Website. Most of the nearly 
half-million articles make the same talking points. WSWS.org is typical:

	Can anyone seriously believe that Washington did not expect that 
Russia, at the very minimum, would deploy military forces to secure 
control of Crimea—a part of Russia until 1954, the home of Russia’s 
Black Sea fleet and its sole access point into the Mediterranean? Or 
that Washington knew Russia would not simply turn the other cheek as the 
installation of an extreme rightwing government in Ukraine, in which 
xenophobic nationalists exert immense influence, transformed the country 
into the new forward base for NATO forces, armed with missiles, on the 
very border of Russia?

Nobody could ever mistake Rozoff, Draitser or Global Research for 
Marxists, but one does have to wonder how self-described Trotskyists as 
the Spartacist League and WSWS.org would have so little interest in 
understanding why Eastern European nations would gravitate toward NATO. 
If you were the head of state in a country that had been invaded by 
Russian tanks in the past, your options are rather limited in terms of 
alliances after you’ve left the Kremlin’s orbit. One doubts that the 
Martians can be relied upon, no matter the prowess on display in “War of 
the Worlds”.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2014/08/31/ukraine-nato-and-imperialism/

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