[Marxism] Jack Barnes: 'Islamism has peaked', Nov. 2004

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*Jack Barnes on Islamism, The Militant Nov. 16, 2004
*. .‘Islamism’ has peaked*
Barnes pointed to the preparations for a new U.S. military offensive in
Iraq’s “Sunni Triangle,” an area where Saddam Hussein’s Baathist forces
have had a base of support. Just as Washington and London were easily able
to invade Iraq last year because of the Hussein regime’s incapacity to
fight imperialism and the stranglehold it had imposed through its
party-police state on working people of Iraq, the U.S. rulers have made
advances in that country today because of the political nature of the
forces involved in the opposition to the U.S.-led occupation.

“There is no revolutionary resistance in Iraq,” said Barnes, “although
there are many brave young people in Iraq who are outraged by the
occupation and the false promises” of the occupiers and their
collaborators. Unlike the bourgeois-led militias, which have relied on
methods such as beheading foreign hostages and bombing U.S. targets, a
revolutionary movement against imperialist domination must offer a clear
presentation of what it’s fighting for.
. . .
This includes the exhaustion of “Islamist” groups like Hamas or al-Qaeda.
In fact, Barnes said, the 1979 takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca by 500
insurgents, which the Saudi regime crushed after two weeks, “was the high
point of ‘Islamism,’ while September 11 was its flare-out.”
. . .

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