[Marxism] Two Views of Podemos

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Mon Dec 1 09:23:09 MST 2014

Louis wrote:

I have gone through the experience of a small group being built around a 
"revolutionary" program and hoping to accumulate cadre until the masses 
radicalize in sufficient number to flock to the party like iron filings 
to a magnet. It does not work. So did Jim Creegan when he was in the 
Spartacist League. I encourage him to continue along those lines since 
it seems to sustain him spiritually and psychologically. God knows we 
all need security blankets in times like these.


Louis can't seem to answer the arguments of anyone who
disagrees with him w/o baiting them for other political
positions or their political past. But apart from that, he 
is right that attempts to organize a revolutionary party 
in the US and other Western countries have failed in the
post-war period, mainly because they can't recruit
more than a handful of people, and the idea of revolution
is very remote from any segment of the population 
right now. Any existing energy for change is in the reformist 

But Louis might pause in his rush to join the left-reformists
long enough to  consider this fact: left-reformism, 
even (and especially) where it has achieved its electoral
aims, hasn't "worked" either. Left-reformist governments 
have come under massive political and economic attacks from the
ruling classes, for which they have no answer. They either retreat, 
or go down to defeat (usually both). This occurs because 
their politics are explicitly or implicitly based on faith in bourgeois
democracy. They believe in the mobilization of the masses
solely or chiefly for electoral purposes. Further, when the reformists
are defeated, the masses who followed them don't draw the
appropriate conclusions and go on to some higher level of 
revolutionary consciousness on their own. They are instead 
despairing and demoralized for years and decades after. Nothing 
fails like failure. True, a much larger number of people are drawn to 
reformist parties and causes, and this is probably why
Louis finds them so much more appealing than the 
SWP of his younger days. But this doesn't make them
any more successful in the long run than minuscule
revolutionary sects. I think it is important to engage the 
left-reformists. But to engage them is not to join them.

Jim Creegan       

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