[Marxism] Two Views of Podemos

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 1 10:26:11 MST 2014

On 12/1/14 11:23 AM, James Creegan via Marxism wrote:
> But Louis might pause in his rush to join the left-reformists
> long enough to  consider this fact: left-reformism,
> even (and especially) where it has achieved its electoral
> aims, hasn't "worked" either. Left-reformist governments
> have come under massive political and economic attacks from the
> ruling classes, for which they have no answer.

I have a totally different estimation of Podemos than you. That might be 
a function of the fact that I spent the better part of two days reading 
25 articles on the party, including some key documents in Spanish, a 
language I have some familiarity with.

In all the posts you have written here, you have not said a single word 
that address the substance of Podemos. Instead you are writing in 
generalizations of such a broad nature that you make an amalgam of 
Mitterand and Podemos, without evincing the slightest interest in the 
fact that Podemos arose over disgust with Spanish Mitterandism: Felipe 
Gonazalez and his minions.

Yesterday I mentioned that their key economic document was co-written by 
a long-standing contributor to Monthly Review and another economist who 
likened German domination of Southern European nations to Nazism. What 
would transform the document they wrote into a "revolutionary" program? 
Calling for the nationalization of industry and a planned economy? Maybe 
the sort of approach they are taking is more consistent with what Lenin 
advocated in Czarist Russia. You will note that he says zero about 

"We think that the working-class party should define the demands made on 
this point more thoroughly and in greater detail; the party should 
demand: 1) an eight-hour working day; 2) prohibition of night-work and 
prohibition of the employment of children under 14 years of age; 3) 
uninterrupted rest periods, for every worker, of no less than 36 hours a 
week; 4) extension of factory legislation and the Factory Inspectorate 
to all branches of industry and agriculture, to government factories, to 
artisan establishments, and to handicraftsmen working at home; election, 
by the workers, of assistant inspectors having the same rights as the 
inspectors; 5) establishment of factory and rural courts for all 
branches of industry and agriculture, with judges elected from the 
employers and the workers in equal numbers; etc."


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