[Marxism] Fwd: The German Greens: Or how they learned to stop worrying and game the ‘poverty migrants’ | LeftEast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 2 06:12:56 MST 2014

How much are our lives worth?

€1 billion, according to Germany’s Green Party. So high a pledge is 
reminiscent of a racket, in which a potentially dangerous situation is 
artificially created so as the mafioso can pretend that s/he is able to 
protect the victims under threat. The story that follows is that of a 
racket. It is a story of how the Greens, through their use of the 
stereotype of the thieving EU migrant (or ‘social benefit tourist’), 
have aimed to pacify the emerging radical refugee movement in Germany. 
In effect, they have played these two social actors (the ‘legitimate’ 
asylum seeker, and the ‘illegitimate’ EU migrant) against each other. In 
doing so, the Greens have confirmed what we already knew: they are a 
bunch of bandits ready to sell out labor for small change. Their actions 
point to a ruse, one that many of us already suspected, in which the 
so-called ‘poverty migrants’ of the EU periphery and asylum seekers are 
played against one another in a zero sum game. In this game, the only 
winner will be capital. Let me explain why.

On Friday, the second chamber of the German parliament passed a deal 
that would provide the municipalities in the country with an additional 
€1 billion over the next two years. The move is widely presented as a 
necessary step to providing municipal governments with much needed 
financial support in order for them to meet the growing welfare needs of 
asylum-seekers in the country. But welfare always comes with a hidden 
condition. The sacrificial offering this time around were the 
widely-despised economic migrants from within the EU, the so-called 
‘social benefit tourists.’ And the one to execute the sacrifice was the 
Greens. Three things came together on November 28.


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