[Marxism] Putin Funds Far Right in France. "It's No Secret, " says Marine Le Pen

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Tue Dec 2 16:52:12 MST 2014

Putin Funds Far Right in France. "It's No Secret," says Marine Le Pen

by Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News

December 2, 2014

hile the US and its NATO allies compete with the Kremlin in a
nuclear-tinged and very Orwellian Cold War
Vladimir Putin is bankrolling Marine Le Pen’s Front National (FN) in France.

The story is still breaking, fed by an escalating string of revelations
from Mediapart
one of Europe’s most dependable sites for investigative reporting.
According to its sources in and around the FN, the party stands to receive
some €40 million from Putin to cover campaign expenses for regional and
departmental elections in 2015 and the legislative and presidential
elections in 2017.

Taking campaign funds from a foreign government would break French law, to
be sure. But the money comes in the form of “loans” from the Moscow-based
First Czech Russian Bank, whose head – Roman Yakubovich Popov – is a former
state banker and well-placed member of the Russian political establishment.

“A first installment has been released from a loan of 40 million,” a member
of FN’s political bureau told Mediapart
“The installment of 9 million has arrived, 31 will follow.”

“Mediapart has lost its head,” Marine Le Pen answered on Twitter
<https://twitter.com/MLP_officiel/status/537699728054833153>, adamantly
denying the larger figure: “The sums they mention are totally fanciful.”

The €9 million she was forced admit. This “is no secret,” she told Le Monde
with her usual sangfroid. She even instructed FN’s treasurer to report the
“loans” to the party congress this past weekend, where they were celebrated
in the company of two Russian dignitaries and fellow-travelers like
Holland’s Geert Wilders and the Italian Matteo Salvini of the League of the

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