[Marxism] A report from Sweden

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 6 08:34:01 MST 2014

Hi Louis,

It's ugly in Sweden right now.

Like I thought, we will have an extra election in march. An election 
that probably will lead to an even better result for 
Sverigedemokraterna(SD). The stalemate would continue.

All parties in the right-wing alliance (M-FP-C-KD) promised on the bible 
that they would never seek support from the fascists. Never ever.

But, lo and behold, a few people in Centerpartiet (C -centre-right on 
paper) and KD now come out and say what they all agreed was never going 
to happen: the right-wing alliance could rule with the support of SD. 
Perhaps C (formerly Bondeförbundet - The farmers party) is reviving the 
support for the Nazis they had during the war. Stricter immigration 
policies is only one concession to SD - most of all the neo-liberal C 
would like to lower minimum wages and introduce more charity to take 
care of immigrants and poor people.


C-leader Annie Lööf is a sign of the times. Young, female, dolled up 
like a super-entrepreneur with Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher as her 
idols. She's even deliberately using a thick Småländsk dialect to add 
folksiness to her strict businesslike appearance. She's like a 
broiler-politician conceived in a lab run by the Cato Institute and Chanel.

Kristdemokraterna (KD - Christian conservatives) seems to be even more 
eager to co-operate with SD. Annelie Enochson (KD - chairman of 
Samfundet Sverige-Israel) has also signed the call to work with SD. And 
a alliance between KD and SD is now closer than ever.

Here's a list of people opposing the recognition of Palestine (including 
Enochson). It's a who's who of the lunatic evangelical right-wing:


All leading people of SD has also signed this petition but Världen Idag 
decided not to include their names under the petition. That wouldn't 
look good.

Zionism/US wars in the middle east has lead to Arabs fleeing to Sweden. 
At the same time we've been bombarded with messages from Hollywood about 
the evil nature of Arabs. A dangerous cocktail. On top of that, the 
liberal (and only!) newspaper in Malmö, Sydsvenskan, has managed to make 
Malmö a symbol of rampant criminality (folklore:"the Chicago of the 
North") and anti-semitism. When it turned out that all the shootings was 
caused by a neo-nazi terrorist - 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009–10_Malmö_shootings - that 
intentionally targeted dark-skinned people, the damage was already done.

Sydsvenskan also ran a campaign against the mayor of Malmö, Ilmar 
Reepalu (S), due to his support for the Palestinian side. He was 
denounced as an anti-semite of course. 

A few weeks after Cast Lead, these forces joined up to have an 
demonstration in Malmö. 
believe a word of what DN is saying if you decide to use google 
translate] Palestinians and left-wingers living in Malmö were outraged. 
How can you have an demonstration in support of vicious ethnic 
cleansing?  Some firecrackers were thrown and, perhaps a stone, during 
the tumultuous demonstration. All the possible slurs heard during this 
demonstration was reported to the police as alleged hate-crimes. 
Sydsvenskan reported that hate-crimes against Jews had risen with 300% 
during 2009. Basically all the alleged hate-crimes happened during the 

Both crime and anti-semitism was now associated with Arab immigration to 
Malmö. The fiery Ilmar desperately tried to point out the fact that now 
we have SD, the (pro-zionist) Synagogue and Sydsvenskan/liberals all 
lining up on the same side. Why isn't Sydsvenskan writing about the 
unholy alliance between the fascists and the Synagogue?

Because of the reputation of Malmö as a city infested with muslims, 2010 
SD won representation in the Parliament for the first time, with 5.7% of 
the vote. (13% in the last election)

Sweden is moving closer and closer to fascism by the day. The 30's is 
just around the corner.


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