[Marxism] [UCE] Podemos: A Monolithic, Vertical, and Hierarchical Party?

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Sun Dec 7 04:37:23 MST 2014

Monolithic, a Vertical (Top-Down), and Hierarchical Party?

The Podemos ‘convention process’ 
(consolidating the new party’s structures) which began on September the 
15th, ended on Saturday, November the 15th with the election of Pablo 
Iglesias  as General Secretary. He won 88.7% of the votes cast (96.9% 
valid). His list won the 62 posts for the ‘Citizens’ Council’ and 10 for
 the Safeguards Commission.

The level of abstention, was however, 
also significant: 57% of those registered, larger than the percentage  –
 45% who abstained during the vote on the overall party documents 
(policy, programme and organisation). The proportion of blank (or null) 
ballots was also important: 8.5% of votes cast for the General 
Secretariat; 5.1% for the Citizen Council and 13% for the ‘guarantees’ 

Reports Ensemble. (Podemos : un parti monolithique, vertical et hiérarchique ? 22 November).

Checked with original Original: Proceso congresual y mutación organizativa.

More here: http://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/podemos-a-monolithic-vertical-and-hierarchical-party/

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