[Marxism] Uruguay shames Obama to released 6 uncharged/unconvicted Gitmo detainees

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 21:45:09 MST 2014

That is a scenario that has repeated itself over and over for the last
13 years – not just at Guantanámo but other American due-process-free
hellholes at Bagram (which the Obama DOJ vehemently defended
and Abu Ghraib, as well as aboard floating lawless ships
 and CIA black sites. None of this has remotely deterred the U.S. and its
uber-national media commentators from continuing to lecture the world on
the necessity of due process and fair judicial proceedings (just as Tony
Blair’s lucrative subservience to dictators
doesn’t prevent him from lecturing the world
 on the need for democracy).

But all of this has increasingly caused the world
 to stop taking seriously
anything American officials have to say on such matters (to the extent
anyone took it seriously before). As well they should. The historic evils
and shameful actions of the U.S. government during the Endless War on
Terror are manifold. Keeping people in cages for more than a decade and
counting in the middle of the sea, far from their families, without a shred
of due process or hope for release, is near the top of that list.


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