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Can someone forward me or give me a link to the revised Black Panther Party
Platform of 1972? I found one PDF online, but a line is cut off under point
9. I plan to read it at a READ OUT on Race and Resistance on Thursday. Many

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> Q: Who are Podemos? Who are its leaders? Is this just another typical
> leftist party?
> A: Podemos is a new political party that emerged at the beginning of 2014,
> initially as an alliance between the trotskyist Izquierda Anticapitalista
> and a group of academic “outsiders” with an activist background who had
> built a vibrant community through a public access television debate show
> called La Tuerka (“The Screw”). When I refer to this second group as
> outsiders, it is not to suggest that their academic output is eccentric or
> of a low quality. Rather, they are the types of academics who do not fit
> the mold favored by the so-called Bologna reforms of higher education in
> Europe, with its emphasis on highly specialized technical “experts” and
> empirical research, and its hostility towards a broader, theoretical and
> more discursive approach. These academics are currently the party’s most
> recognizable faces due to their formidable skills as communicators and
> their access to the mainstream media.
> Recently, Podemos held elections for their Citizens’ Council, which is
> effectively the party’s leadership. Over 100.000 people participated in
> those elections through online voting. The team selected by Pablo Iglesias
> won by an overwhelming majority. It includes an interesting mix of
> academics, activists and some former politicians. For instance, Juan Carlos
> Monedero worked as an adviser to Hugo Chávez between 2005 and 2010, and he
> also advised Gaspar Llamazares of the Spanish United Left party. Íñigo
> Errejón is a very young and highly promising political scientist who
> carried out research in Bolivia and Venezuela, though prior to that he was
> one of the founders of Juventud Sin Futuro (Youth Without a Future), who
> had a major role in spearheading the indignados movement. Other activists
> from Juventud Sin Futuro include Rita Maestre and Sarah Bienzobas. Rafa
> Mayoral and Jaume Asens worked as lawyers for the Plataforma de Afectados
> por la Hipoteca (PAH), the highly successful civil disobedience movement
> for decent housing. And Raimundo Viejo and Jorge Moruno are prominent
> intellectuals associated with the autonomist left.
> Whether or not Podemos can be considered a typical leftist party will
> depend on its evolution. What is clear is that they do not adopt the
> rhetorical and aesthetic baggage of the marginal leftist and green parties
> that currently decorate European parliaments. Also, in contrast to SYRIZA,
> Podemos did not exist prior to the 2011 wave of protests; they emerged
> based on a diagnosis of the movements’ discourse and demands. Much of what
> has made Podemos so effective in the post-2011 political arena has been
> their ability to listen to the social movements, while the pre-existing
> Spanish political parties were busy lecturing them. Yet, as time progresses
> and support for the party grows, Podemos is finding itself increasingly
> tempted to assume the structures that are best adapted to Spain’s formal
> institutions. Unsurprisingly, these structures are those that currently
> exist. Whether or not this institutional inertia can be overcome depends on
> the degree to which the party’s constituents are capable of maintaining
> tension with its leadership structure and guaranteeing their accountability.
> full: http://secure-web.cisco.com/1_qNT7Y-uY-rtQ9FaQ4DX54fLLyjk96jsQQwmQtbThcDtyzorcC5m69bVv6O6pp3M_xUPPDUzHGi1IM1eO4-0p7lbyxdfu0aUSBthkew4wie2VdRFya_Md4VKFXg0jlOomuYF1BX36GWWqTTAugl4euX3tcDod75GrGG1Pyrdi46Qr2VRwNLpVlL1mOyko8I4cU2xbLjtV1WSccxOPbNLVgOQN1eZYSQvvMWZxUaeVJw/http%3A%2F%2Froarmag.org%2F2014%2F12%2Fpodemos-the-political-upstart-
> taking-spain-by-force/
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