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  * Louis Proyect wrote

I can’t remember an apocalyptic film that’s taken less interest in this 
planet as it’s destroyed. You might think there’d be a sustained tribute 
to the lost wonders of Earth, some mourning for the mass death of 
animals. Just think of the centrality of extinct animals to the 
dystopian logic of Blade Runner. Even a piece of rote crap like 2012 
devotes a scene to saving some precious creatures from Earth, a dog, an 
elephant, a giraffe.

full: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2014/12/interstellar-review/
I have seen this film in the company of my perceptive 14-year old 
autistic granddaughter, whose main ambitions are to teach third grade 
and to go to Mars. The Jacobin article almost but not quite gets to the 
point of remarking that 'Interstellar' depicts human refuge in a new 
place without considering that they bring all of the conditioned baggage 
of their capitalist matrix and its ideology, with which to mess up the 
environment, the mode of appropriation and other aspects of their 
relationship to the rest of their environment in yet another venue. That 
includes not only the failure to bring other species or life forms, as 
even the bible manages, but also the method of selection, the class 
position and the miniscule numbers of those who do make the trip. Not a 
good role model for Samantha, but she does have a little help from her 

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