[Marxism] What does the oil price slump show us about the Russian economy?

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Thanks to Proyect for a clear, concise restatement of the obvious. Predators come in various sizes and strengths. Duh.



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>On 12/19/14 2:57 PM, Roger Annis via Marxism wrote:
>> Or could it be that the
>> characteristics of a country that is not (or not yet) imperialist is precisely
>> that its industry, agriculture and public sector is relatively underdeveloped?
>> Indeed, it could. That’s one of a half dozen or so measures I used in my June
>> 2014 article of what does and does not describe a country and social
>> formation deemed to be imperialist.
>There are dominant imperialist nations and ones not so dominant, like 
>Japan before WWII.
>Spain was an imperialist nation but a rather toothless one as it lost 
>its colonies to the USA.
>Same thing with Italy.
>In 1916 Lenin wrote "The European War and International Socialism" that 
>included this paragraph:
>"Have the socialists of France and Belgium not shown the same kind of 
>treachery? They are excellent at exposing German imperialism, but, 
>unfortunately they are amazingly purblind with regard to British, 
>French, and particularly the barbarous Russian imperialism. They fail to 
>see the disgraceful fact that, for decades on end, the French 
>bourgeoisie have been paying out thousands of millions for the hire of 
>the Black-Hundred gangs of Russian tsarism, and that the latter has been 
>crushing the non-Russian majority in our country, robbing Po]and, 
>oppressing the Great Russian workers and peasants, and so on."
>Was Lenin in error when he referred to Russian imperialism? I think not.
>But more to the point, the real emphasis in Lenin's "Imperialism: the 
>Highest Stage of Capitalism" was not on developing social science 
>categories of the sort that Max Weber advanced. He was describing the 
>capitalism that existed on the eve of WWI--the highest stage--that was 
>marked by struggles over the control of colonies. It was obvious that 
>some countries were building empires--with varying degrees of 
>success--and others were their victims. Russia belonged to the 
>empire-building category and Ukraine to the colonial.
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