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Yes, Yeselsen is limited by sharing the politics on display in Tomasky's 
:"Democracy." But this is a good critique of some of Kolko's work . Kolko 
(and many who focused on "corporate liberalism") tended to see fruitlessness 
in popular struggles which they saw as resulting simply in what the 
corporations sought anyway. This led to a certain cynicism in contemporary 
politics and condescension to those groups that had not developed what James 
Weiinstein (and others) often called a "coherent alternative ideology."

Jesse Lemisch

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> This article is more useful for its survey on New Left "revisionist" 
> historians, including Marxmailer Jesse Lemisch, than it is for its 
> analysis, which tends to endorse the standard liberal model of American 
> history--including a defense of the New Deal.
> http://www.democracyjournal.org/35/what-new-left-history-gave-us.php?page=all
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