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The Chabad are not the only part of the Jewish community that prmotes
Hanukkah.  So does the Bund and the anti-Zionist Satmars. In general, it is
wise not to let one's anger at State Zionism spill over into agreeing with
the alcoholic Iraq War supporter Christopher Hitchens.

The Seleucid regime was not progressive,  It was the occupying force of a
slave-owning empire which was no more interested in promoting reason and
logic than Thomas Jefferson was. They imposed their religious beliefs by
force - that is what sparked the rebellion by the Maccabbees. Those Jews
who claimed to be symnpatheric with the Greek philosophers were just
rationalizing their collaboration with the occupiers.  At least when
Alexander te Great was alive, he did not interfere wth the practice of
Judaism, let alone force the Jews to worship uncircumcised Greek gods. Jews
who fancied Greek philosophy then were not targeted by fundamentalists.

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> In the same way I used to organize sales for the Socialist Workers Party
> in Houston in the 1970s, directing people to various grocery stores or
> college campuses with bundles of the Militant, the Chabad sends its young
> missionaries to what they regard as fruitful opportunities for converting
> lost souls. But this Hasidic outreach group is not interested in saving
> Christians or Muslims. It is people like me, secular Jews, that they are
> trying to reach, based on their presence in front of my building during
> Jewish holidays throughout the year.
> Yesterday as I was on the sidewalk in front of my high-rise, one of these
> young men, clad in a dark suit and wearing a wide-brimmed fedora made by
> Borsalino, approached me to ask if I’d like to have a donut in honor of
> Hanukkah. (My building is ecumenical with a Christmas tree and a Hanukkah
> menorah in the lobby in an obvious bid to make the Jewish residents more
> amenable to chipping in for the staff’s holiday bonus.)
> No thanks, I said.
> full: http://louisproyect.org/2014/12/21/hanukkah-bah-humbug/
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