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Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski

Published in Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzelini, eds. Ours to Master and 
to Own: Workers’ Control from the Commune to the Present, Chicago: 
Haymarket Books, 2011, pp. 191-207.

Mode of Exploitation and Workers’ Resistance

The Soviet-dominated People’s Republic of Poland, [1] which existed from 
1944 to 1989, was one of the transitional social formations between 
capitalism and socialism to emerge on the periphery of the world 
capitalist system. This periphery lagged behind the Western center in 
the historical process of industrial revolution (Aldcroft 2006). 
Poland’s dependent capitalist system between the wars had hindered the 
nation’s industrial development ; consequently, its overthrow by the Red 
Army after World War II allowed this delayed revolution to occur. In the 
newly industrialized People’s Poland, the commodities exchange ceased to 
be the general form of social relations, but bureaucratic domination 
blocked the transition to the new planned relations. This domination was 
based on a double set of contradictions : between the overthrow of 
capitalist domination on a national and regional scale and its 
prevalence in the world system; and between the suppression of 
capitalist relations of exploitation and the persistence of the 
productive forces fused in the crucible of these relations. The more the 
productive forces had adapted to capitalism, the more they hampered the 
development of relations of nonexploitation (Rey 1977, 130; Rey 1985, 
131; Turchetto 1995 and 2007).

full: http://zmkowalewski.pl/?page_id=277

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