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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 22 07:41:09 MST 2014

(A faction fight develops in Pete Taaffe's FI. One of the issues 
involves "democratic centralism", the last refuge of scoundrels trying 
to maintain hegemony in small propaganda groups following the 
Zinovievist model.)

The EC’s undialectical approach towards discussion of theoretical 
differences was highlighted to one of the authors of this document when 
he requested a branch debate on the cause of the 2007/8 crisis earlier 
in the year. It was then suggested by a senior member of the Party that 
the branch should subsequently take a vote on the branch position of the 
cause of crisis immediately afterwards! This shows a complete failure to 
understand that democratic centralism prescribes unity on the basis of 
action, such as programmatical action and activity, and not unity on 
theory. It is completely absurd, not to mention anti-Bolshevik, to have 
an agreed “party line” on the cause of capitalist crisis! For example, 
Lenin and Luxemburg disagreed on this very issue, but their differing 
views were published and discussed publicly. They also had differences 
in organisational methods, and even Trotsky publicly polemicised against 
Lenin’s “What Is to Be Done?” with his “Our Political Tasks”, at a time 
when Trotsky held a nominally Menshevik and Lasallean approach to Party 
building and organisation.


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