[Marxism] Fwd: Let’s abandon the Democrats: Stop blaming Fox News and stop hoping Elizabeth Warren will save us - Salon.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 23 06:23:45 MST 2014

My guess is that if you can’t take over the Democratic Party, you can’t 
take over the country — and that a declaration of independence should be 
followed by an actual rebellion. The Tea Party has shown you can work 
within a party and yet be highly independent. But whether to work 
within, against or apart from the Democrats is a call for later. 
Building a strong progressive movement is work we must do now. Obama had 
this right in 2008. We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

Progressives once provided Democrats with policies. Now Democrats 
provide them with slogans. Progressives say Democrats lack backbone and 
a bottom line, but progressives used to provide those too. Want 
politicians to get the courage of their convictions? It’s simple. First, 
get some convictions.  Courage will follow.

Bill Curry was White House counselor to President Clinton and a two-time 
Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut. He is at work on a book 
on President Obama and the politics of populism.


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