[Marxism] Die Linke are a fucking disgrace

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 24 14:35:19 MST 2014

Aditya Sarkar on Die Linke (from FB):

Die Linke are a fucking disgrace. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Gysi 
is pushing resolutions at this very moment to have antiracist 
demonstrations labelled antisemitic. Toilettengate summed up the extent 
of die Linke's internationalism. I'm sure there are dissenting voices 
within the party but seriously they're beyond disgusting. On Palestine, 
well, they make Tony Blair look good. My impression is that the 
antideutsch racists now pretty much call the shots. The party has 
officially declared open season on all Palestine solidarity campaigning. 
My sense is that on this issue they're probably well to the right of 
mainstream German opinion. Ultimately a craven bunch of Leitkultur 
bullies, despite the pathetic posturing. The Blumenthal episode was 
beyond grotesque. Sorry John - I haven't read the article you posted, I 
just saw you refer to die Linke and I saw red. Or rather I saw 
everything but red.

To be fair there ARE fissures. Some time back the Rosa Luxemburg 
Stiftung issued an excellent statement on Palestine and racism and 
Islamophobia. Gysi's recent insanity is in part a coup against such 
tendencies. But really I wish there was more hue and cry about this. The 
recent episode reveals that one of the more significant left formations 
in Europe is actually deeply racist at its core. All the genuine 
historical trauma and the real difficulty faced in talking about the 
issue in Germany do not justify this. Somehow the dominant forces on the 
German left have it firmly fixed in what passes for their brains that 
you cannot oppose Islamophobia and antisemitism at the same time. The 
logical result of this of course will eventually be a shamefaced 
accommodation with both. But really. Whatever the pathologies of the 
British left, it has nothing to learn from die Linke. And especially 
from the antideutsch fifth columnists who clearly have Gysi's undivided 
attention. Racist scum.

They also declared that Jewish anti Zionism is a form of antisemitism. 
"There can be no such thing as Jewish anti-Zionism", I think, were the 
sage words from the leadership.The three unfortunate members who invited 
Max Blumenthal to speak were forced to apologize publicly. Its hilarious 
and sad and scary all at once.

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