[Marxism] Fwd: “They are hoarding rubbish and burning tyres wherever you put them…”: Displacing and Disciplining Roma Waste Pickers in Belgrade | LeftEast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 27 06:14:06 MST 2014

Since 2009 Belgrade has become the site of massive interventions in 
‘public order’ that revolve around one problematic subject: the 
‘informal individual Roma waste picker’. Interventions to restore 
‘public order’ usually come under different banners ranging from 
hygienic living conditions, to security, to civil rights. In the name of 
realizing common goods these interventions profoundly reorganize 
socio-economic rights and property relations. As such they have 
disenfranchising effects on certain subjects problematized as 
essentially unsuited to the orderly, clean, safe society to come. After 
analyzing the conditions that led to the emergence of this figure of the 
‘Roma waste picker’ in Belgrade, I will unveil how interventions in 
public order reach into deeper social antagonisms and tie urban 
citizenship rights to labor struggles.

full: http://www.criticatac.ro/lefteast/roma-waste-pickers/

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