[Marxism] Fwd: Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sat Dec 27 14:04:01 MST 2014

The New Yorker discusses other reasons many like me won't board a plane 
again. The main reason had been the intrusive search and snoop on 
boarding - not mentioned here, as if it had become justified and beyond 
discussion. Like all the other intrusions on the protections of the 4th 
Amendment. But what the hey, it's all about capital, competition, 
concentration and centralization. What's to mention?

Here's a local illustration, trivial if you don't live here: I live in a 
totally isolated small county on the Oregon border. We have access to 
the rest of California only via a section of highway that's constantly 
falling into the Pacific Ocean and is periodically impassable, called 
Last Chance Grade. Everyone expects that the erosion and collapse, 
becoming more serious each year, will soon be final. We won't have 
access to the rest of our state of California except through an 8-hour 
detour via I-5 through inland Oregon. Or until recently, by air, small 
comfort in this desperately poor community.

In the midst of all this, United Airlines had announced last month that 
they were to cease serving us with their propeller-driven planes, 
Brazilian Embraers, on their affiliate SkyWest Airlines, because they 
were transitioning to an all-jet fleet too large for small local 
airports like ours. Although the feds a week later countermanded that 
decision due to local business protests, citing the Essential Air 
Service (EAS) program, which provides about $1,996,000 for air service 
to our area each year from the federal government (a program to assist 
small communities to be serviced by certified airline carriers) - -  so 
service will continue on a reduced schedule.
Louis Proyect wrote

One of the major reasons I prefer staying in NYC rather than travel.


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