[Marxism] Selling ‘Peace Groups’ on US-Led Wars

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Sat Dec 27 19:46:47 MST 2014

one reply to the filth that started this thread (from facebook) is below.
I know the Minneapolis people involved, including Mohja Kahf, and highly
resent the Stalinist slanders against them.

Remember when we worked with Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans in the
80's, listened to their descriptions of what was happening in their
countries, respected their opinions, their experiences. How can so many
"peace activists" refuse to talk with Syrians and instead pick and choose
their info from the internet??


There was a time, not long ago, when the commitment to solidarity with the
oppressed was fundamental to the US peace movement. When we made the case
for peace in Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, a basic tenet of our argument
was that justice is a prerequisite to peace.

We challenged ourselves to view the world as internationalists, not as
“Americanists.” We challenged ourselves to understand how we would react if
we, ourselves, were oppressed by tyranny.

We argued that the US should get out of Vietnam because the Vietnamese
people had a right to self-determination. When popular insurrections arose
against the fascist dictator Somoza in Nicaragua and the Death Squad
government in El Salvador, we argued that those people had a right to rebel
against tyranny, a right that is enshrined in our own Declaration of

We did not judge them for picking up arms against a tyrant when they
believed peaceful means were exhausted.

In the US peace movement we did not send arms to those revolutions, but we
argued their case to the American people. We understood that while the US
foreign policy was a major source of war and oppression, it was not the
only source. There were dictators and tyrants around the world, in Africa,
Eastern Europe, Asia, not all the puppets of the US. And we understood that
people around the world are striving for justice.

Today that sense of solidarity with the oppressed, regardless of the
circumstances, regardless of the oppressor, is often lacking in many
currents of the US peace movement. In far too many cases it has been
replaced by a national chauvinist world view that sees a US/NATO/CIA role
in every conflict, in every demand for freedom, in every uprising against

Instead of challenging ourselves to understand the humanity and culture of
other peoples who are standing for justice in their lands, we too often see
only the evil hand of a US conspiracy instigating the situation for
imperial aims.

Nothing better describes this descent into dogmatism and betrayal of
solidarity than the tragic attitude of many who call themselves
“anti-imperialist” towards the people of Syria. For 50 years the Assad
family and its cohorts have ruled that nation with a tyranny that rivals
the worst in human history. All opposition is crushed with the iron fist of
massacre and industrial-level torture.

And while the situation in Syria has indeed been made complex by the
intervention of many outside forces with contending interests, the base of
the conflict, a popular rebellion against tyranny, remains.

Today, there are some, but not enough, US peace groups that recognize this
and stand, in the best tradition of the US peace movements, stand in
solidarity with the Syrian people’s quest for a just society. Far too many,
totally ignorant of Syria’s proud history, see the conflict only in terms
of the role of the US, with meaningless slogans like “No US War on Syria”,
while by far the greatest death and destruction in Syria is now caused by
the despotic Assad regime, armed to the teeth with Russian and Iranian
supplied weapons.

Ideologues, like Coleen Rowley, using the worst of her FBI tactics of guilt
by association, have begun a direct attack on those who express solidarity
with the Syrian people. Her malice towards Syrian-Americans who oppose the
Assad dictatorship was cited by a recent letter from 13 Syrian- Americans
to peace groups in Minnesota.

Having spent much of her life in the FBI, it is perhaps understandable that
concepts of solidarity with the oppressed are not foremost in her thinking.
But honest peace activists will shun the simplistic world view of the world
as entirely manipulated by conspirators in Washington and denying the right
of the oppressed to rebel against tyranny, in Ferguson, in Syria and

Andy Berman
US Peace Corps, 1967-69
US Army, 1971-73
VFP Chapter 27

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>  With all of the information about Syria, what are we to believe as true?
>> We
> know the facts about recent U.S. interventions in Middle Eastern countries.
> Why would Syria be any different?
> Yeh, just because the imperialist media tells us every day that the US is
> bombing ISIS, and sometimes Nusra, and sometimes the Islamic Front, and
> sometimes even accidentally the FSA, and that US and Assadist airforces
> repeatedly bomb towns and cities in tandem, and that they share
> intelligence, if not directly (ha ha) then certainly through their common
> ally, the Iranian regime in Iraq, and that the Assad regime welcomes these
> American air strikes, and so on and on, just because the imperialist media
> claims all this doesn't prove that, in reality, the US is not bombing the
> Assad regime. Only fools would believe what is in front of their eyes.
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