[Marxism] After Chavez: The Maduro Government And The 'Economic War' in Venezuela

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Mon Dec 29 23:25:02 MST 2014

Dennis Brasky wrote


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I have two questions about this analysis: one, many predicted that, 
regardless of other factors, the razor-thin, disputed election of 
Nicolas Maduro, showing the slippage in public support for the 
Bolivarian revolution despite Chavez's endorsement of the bona fides of 
his successor, made forward movement difficult if not impossible, given 
the imperative of a solid electoral base, and made compromise of the 
project seemingly inevitable; and obviously, it takes more than decrees 
to produce change. Part of the problem with public response may also 
have been that Maduro didn't appear at the time of the elections, from 
what I have seen, to have emerged organically on his own feet from a 
process of garnering public support through his actions in the 
Bolivarian government.

Two, what of the project's dependence on oil revenue in the face of 
tumbling oil prices? And given that fact, how justify in people's minds 
raising the domestic price of gasoline?

Although there's much here that is helpful, neither of these factors 
seems to have made it into this appraisal.

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