[Marxism] Ukraine news on Dec 30, 2014

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 30 14:11:26 MST 2014

On 12/30/14 4:00 PM, Roger Annis via Marxism wrote:
> Also on the New Cold War.org website are reports of how fascism in
> Ukraine is creeping into the mainstream of respectability in France
> and Canada, via the weekly fashion magazine Elle and the Toronto
> Star, Canada's largest circulation daily newspaper.

Yeah, we really need to worry more about fashion magazines than the 
fascist parties that the Kremlin is aligned with:


But, please, Mr. Putin, stop with the talk about Ukraine being run by 
“Nazis” and “fascists”—at least as long as you’re in league with actual 
pro-fascist parties in Europe.

This isn’t exactly new, and of course Russia’s alliance with Europe’s 
Nazi-like far right takes second place to Moscow’s enormous business 
ties with Europe’s oil and gas consumers and Germany’s corporate elite. 
Still, it’s getting new attention lately, and it’s more than troubling 
that Moscow is in bed with Hungary’s Jobbik party, Geert Wilders’ Party 
of Freedom in the Netherlands, Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France 
and other anti-European Union extremists.

Part of it is pragmatic. That is, Russia wants to exploit the anti-EU 
sentiment of Europe’s anti-immigrant, fascist-leaning right wing. And 
the rightists in Europe, who include traditional, pro-family, 
pro-religion types and would-be strongmen and mini-Mussolinis, are 
attracted to Putin’s penchant for putting down dissent, suppressing the 
Internet, building up the Orthodox Church and its rightist priesthood 
and inflaming Russia’s own “exceptionalist,” nationalist constituents.


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