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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 31 05:43:43 MST 2014

Over the last twelve years, many in the West thought they had hit upon a 
pleasant surprise: a Middle Eastern government that could placate 
traditionalist cultural strivings while strengthening a pro-western, 
neoliberal agenda.  In truth this should not have been surprising, any 
more than it is to see western newcomers to Ankara charmed by 
auto-orientalist kitsch.  In the “new Turkey” political Islam has proven 
itself the most effective ideological cover for the neoliberal agenda.

At the behest of global finance capital, the country remains trapped in 
a pattern of shallow growth that does little to expand its overall 
productive capacities, leaving a large portion of its citizens excluded 
and dependent on charity public or private.  Ideologies undermining the 
emancipation of women and promoting charitable largesse over 
working-class collective action are perfectly suited to this economic 
regime.  The crackdown on dissident voices in culture and the media 
works to prevent the emergence of any social alternative to capitalism 
with religious underpinnings.  The Ottoman fantasy is the objective 
correlative to a society that has learned all the wrong lessons from 
globalization.  It is a dream from which, hopefully, Turkey will soon 

full: http://www.criticatac.ro/lefteast/the-market-and-the-minaret/

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