[Marxism] Rise of Hitler docos

Shane Hopkinson swhopkinson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 23:38:01 MST 2014

My local conservative MP has fans who started posting that Hitler was a
"socialist" (apparently this is news to them - the translation of NAZI not
being well known) and more 'interestingly' that he was a 'left winger'.
Yeah I know its nutty but my reason for raising it is to ask where this
comes from. I am wondering if they are getting it from the US neo-cons or
Tea Partiers or something.

While we are on the topic does anyone know any good docos on this time. I
have a vague knowledge of the German revolution, the social fascist line
and what have you, but something that could lay it out (and save me reading
Trotsky) would be great.

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