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Subject: [Marxism] Rise of Hitler docos

> My local conservative MP has fans who started posting that Hitler was a
> "socialist" (apparently this is news to them - the translation of NAZI not
> being well known) and more 'interestingly' that he was a 'left winger'.
> Yeah I know its nutty but my reason for raising it is to ask where this
> comes from. I am wondering if they are getting it from the US neo-cons or
> Tea Partiers or something.

Your MP probably has gotten that from US right-wingers. But the claim that 
was a socialist, seem to me, to be a slightly vulgarized version of the 
claim made
by Friedrich Hayek, in his book The Road to Serfdom, that National Socialism
and Fascism were not reactions to the rise of socialism but rather their 

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