[Marxism] The vilification of Foreign Fighters in the Syrian ‘conflict’

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Mon Feb 3 05:25:59 MST 2014

Excellent and important read  by one of the best writers on the 

The vilification of Foreign Fighters in the Syrian ‘conflict’
By Ben Allison-Davies

A recent US intelligence report estimates that there are upwards of 7000 
or more foreign fighters fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad 
in Syria, during the Syrian ‘war’. These fighters come from more than 50 
countries and join a variety of different groups some join the more 
moderate muhajireen brigades, others are fighting with more hardline 
groups like ISIS.

While it is indeed true that many of these fighters are wholly 
reprehensible, extremist individuals that none of us would want 
returning to our countries (especially those foreigners fighting with 
groups like ISIS, AKA al-Qaeda), that narrative can definitely not be 
applied across the board to attack foreign fighters per se. Simply 
because not every foreigner who has gone to Syria to fight is an 
extremist, not by any means. Yet this is NOT what the media would have 
you believe.

Firstly, I will show a variety of evidence demonstrating that attacks on 
foreign fighters in Syria, homogenising them as extremists per se, 
couldn’t be further from the truth. As shown above, some fighters are 
clearly with reprehensible groups like al-Qaeda, many are not. Most are 
young men (predominantly Muslims) who are moved by the wholesale 
slaughter and genocide of a whole population, and feel the need to act. 
They simply feel that they cannot stay away as the death toll rises, and 
very few people seem willing to do anything. Who can blame them? This is 
abundantly clear when many of the more (relatively) unbiased reports are 
brought to light, such as this video, showing a contingent of British 
foreign fighters


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