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Immigrant Radical Culture
The Idealism of the Sovversiviin the United States, 1890-1940

Marcella Bencivenni
287 p., 23 halftones | $24.00 Paper 
Maligned by modern media and often stereotyped, Italian Americans possess a vibrant, if largely forgotten, radical past. In Italian Immigrant Radical Culture, Marcella Bencivenni delves into the history of the sovversivi, a transnational generation of social rebels, and offers a fascinating portrait of their political struggle as well as their milieu, beliefs, and artistic creativity in the United States. 
As the first cultural history of Italian American activism, it provides a richer understanding of the Italian immigrant experience while also deepening historical perceptions of radical politics and culture.
See the official website of the book at http://www.marcellabencivenni.com/.
".rigorously documents and vividly recounts the astonishing range and productivity of two generations of radical Italian culture in the United States."
-STANISLAO G. PUGLIESE,American Historical Review

"Bencivenni's superb analysis of the importance of the cultural and literary dimension of radical politics and her biographical portraits of its stars ensure that the works of these men and women will have a lasting legacy in American radical history."
-DIANE C. VECCHIO, The Journal of American History 

"As a cultural history of the Italian American Left, or of Italian Americans in general, it is unparalleled. Never has the 'lost world of Italian American radicalism' seemed as alive as it does within these pages."
-KENYON ZIMMER, Altreitalie 

"... an impressive book that                        nicely complements existing studies on Italian                        immigrants. It deserves a wide audience."
-MIKE ROSENOW, H-Net Reviews 

"The world of Italian American                        radicalism may be lost; but the work of scholars                        like Marcella Bencivenni assures that it will                        not be forgotten."
-CHARLES A. ZAPPIA, Journal                            of American Ethnic History

". a great book that will benefit well-established scholars, newly minted Ph.D.'s and graduate students thinking about distinctive avenues of research."
-CAROLINE MERITHEW, Italian American Review

". forces us to expand our own conceptions of activism, working class movements, and the ideologies that inform these revolutionary struggles."
-PETER G. VELLON, Socialism and Democracy
" Bencivenni makes the historical presentation extremely human.... The book could have been overly scholastic and just a collection of facts, but it is both a strong scholarly work and very readable." 
- STEFAN BOSWORTH, Science& Society

"... an engaging book with much to offer historians of the US, Italian and immigrant Left" 
--ELIZABETH ZANONI, Journal of Modern Italian Studies 

Marcella Bencivenni is an associate professor of history at Hostos Community College (CUNY). Besides her recent book,Italian Immigrant Radical Culture, she has written numerous articles about American labor, immigration and Italian American history, and has co-edited with Ron Hayduk Radical Perspectives on Immigration for the journal Socialism and Democracy of which she is an editorial board member.   
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