[Marxism] Ilya Matveev: A Word to the Wise (On Putin's "Leftism" and Solidarity with Russians)

Vince Garton vince.garton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 07:51:29 MST 2014

The idea of leftists supporting Russia against "decadent culture" seems 
curious. It makes some sense in the context of Stalinism, but I think 
the only superficially anti-capitalist forces in the West who would 
focus on that are the third-positionists and fascists of various 
stripes, who have plenty of reason to support the reactionary aspects of 
the Putin regime anyway.



On 04/02/2014 14:08, Thomas Campbell wrote:
> Beware of Putin-loving "leftists" bearing gifts, warns Russian activist
> Ilya Matveev.
> http://therussianreader.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/matveev-putin-leftism/

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