[Marxism] Ilya Matveev: A Word to the Wise (On Putin's "Leftism" and Solidarity with Russians)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 4 08:01:56 MST 2014

On 2/4/14 9:51 AM, Vince Garton wrote:
> The idea of leftists supporting Russia against "decadent culture" seems
> curious.

Not really.


This offensive against the Church began with some minor issues: the 
media was all agog about Patriarch’s expensive watch, a present from the 
then President Medvedev. Anti-religious fervour was high among liberal 
opposition that demonstrated against Putin before the elections and 
needed a new horse to flog. A leading anti-Putin activist Viktor 
Shenderovich said he would understand if the Russian Orthodox priests 
were slain like they were in 1920s. Yet another visible figure among the 
liberal protesters, Igor Eidman, exclaimed,“exterminate the vermin”- the 
Russian Church – in the rudest biological terms.

The alleged organiser of the Pussy Riot, Marat Gelman, a Russian Jewish 
art collector, has been connected with previous anti-Christian art 
actions which involved icon-smashing, imitation churches of enemas. His 
– and PR’s problem was that it was difficult to provoke reaction of the 
Church. PR made two attempts to provoke public indignation in the second 
cathedral of Moscow, the older Elochovsky Cathedral; both times they 
were expelled but not arrested. The third time, they tried harder; they 
went to St Savior Cathedral that was demolished by Lazar Kaganovich in 
1930s and rebuilt in 1990s; they added more blasphemy of the most 
obscene kind, and still they were allowed to leave in peace. Police 
tried their best to avoid arresting the viragos, but they had no choice 
after PR uploaded a video of their appearance in the cathedrals with an 
obscene soundtrack.

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