[Marxism] Syrian's Bashar al-Assad Knows: Napalm Sticks to Kids

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 12:58:58 MST 2014

      Syrian's Bashar al-Assad Knows: Napalm Sticks to Kids

> The title of this blog post references a little ditty that was popular 
> with some US pilots during the Vietnam War. At the end of this piece 
> I've included a YouTube video in which the full version is sang. It 
> begins like this:
>     We shoot the sick, the young, the lame,
>     We do our best to maim,
>     Because the kills all count the same,
>     Napalm sticks to kids.
> The writing of this post has been prompted by the news that the Syrian 
> regime of Bashar al-Assad is again using napalm bombs in Homs 
> province. Napalm <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napalm> is jellied 
> gasoline; a horrific weapon that was widely used by the United States 
> on Vietnamese. It was declared a war crime to use it against civilians 
> by the United Nations in 1980, although it took almost three decades 
> for the US to agreed to that protocol. President Barack Obama signed 
> it on his first full day in office, 21 January 2009. Now it is making 
> a comeback, like poison gas, thanks to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

> This is one of the most iconic photographs 
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TrangBang.jpg> of the Vietnam War. 
> It shows a group of South Vietnamese children running from a napalm 
> attack being carried out by the South Vietnamese government in 1972. 
> There was a time when *Veterans for Peace 
> <http://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2012/12/13/veterans-peace-opposes-military-intervention-syria>* 
> opposed this sort of thing, but that was when the government dropping 
> napalm on its own people was a client of the United States. Today they 
> officially oppose 
> <http://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2012/12/13/veterans-peace-opposes-military-intervention-syria> 
> any international intervention to stop Assad from dropping napalm on 
> his people and they oppose providing the Syrians being napalmed with 
> weapons they could use to shoot down the planes themselves, which 
> means, as a practical matter, they support the napalming of civilians 
> by the fascist Assad regime.They aren't alone. *Democracy Now 
> <http://www.democracynow.org/2014/2/4/kids_for_cash_inside_one_of>* 
> had no time for napalm today, in fact, she didn't say word one about 
> what is being done to Syrians by Assad. Amy's focus was a two-year-old 
> story about kids being jailed for profit in Pennsylvania.


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