[Marxism] FW: How the West Manufactures ³OppositionMovements²

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Ignore the apologists for Russian imperialism who try to portray the uprising in the Ukraine as some sort of U.S.-fascist conspiracy.  

Those apologists writing in favor of the Yanukovych dictatorship who haven’t sold themselves outright to the Putin regime don’t have a clue that mass movements against a dictatorship are filled with all kinds of political and civic organizations, right and left, as well as millions of people who are not with any organization, but hate the tyranny, oppression, and exploitation which this Ukrainian government practices.

There are certainly extreme reactionaries organizing against the government, but they don’t control a genuinely popular mass uprising against a dictatorship that tried to crush all criticisms of its corruption and ruling class greed by passing a law criminalizing opposition, including revolutionary socialists, anarchists and workers’ unions.  

This is a mass movement from below that, hopefully, will destroy the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian capitalists that own and operate that government.  

IF so, the question then becomes whose class will organize and take the power after mass revolution brings down a hated regime; the same question that follows every successful revolution from below.  

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>This Vltchek character is arguably one of the most shameless defenders 
>of the Baathist tyranny, dripping with venom and blood. This is an 
>earlier analysis of what is happening there from him:

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