[Marxism] Whither the Cuban Revolution?

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 5 17:36:40 MST 2014

Shaun May said:
What does the slogan "Defend the Cuban Revolution!" or "Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution!" mean today in the light of these unfolding developments when the top layer in Cuba is stepping forth as the proxy for capitalist restoration?

Ken Hiebert replies:
I expect that some who support these slogans also identify with the Cuban Communist Party and its policies (to one degree or another).  But I don't think that my support for  "Defend the Cuban Revolution!"  and "Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution!" requires me to have a particularly positive view of the CCP and its leadership.  For me it means opposition to the economic sanctions against Cuba, opposition to attempts to isolate Cuba as well as opposition to the threat of military invasion.  The threat of invasion is remote at the present time, but still real when you consider the Bay of Pigs invasion and the ongoing presence of the U. S. military on Cuban soil, at Guantanamo.

It also means that I believe there was a genuine revolution in Cuba and that it survives to this day, even if it is somewhat tattered and worn.

It is on this basis that i would challenge groups such as the ISO to take up the question of Cuba.  I can accept that they have a more negative view of Cuba than my own.  But surely they have a duty to oppose the anti-Cuba measures of their won government.  Perhaps they are already doing this to a small degree.  But I think it is too small a part of their discourse on Cuba.

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