[Marxism] Whither the Cuban Revolution?

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 6 05:17:41 MST 2014

Who could possibly disagree with what Ken Hiebert has written in his previous post?
Who on this list would not oppose sanctions and a US invasion of Cuba? Even if it were a bourgeois democracy or even dictatorship? We all opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as we do any possible invasion of Iran, do we not?
Who would deny that there was revolution in Cuba in the 50s? But where is it going with the currently emerging tendencies towards restoration?
The question which I am concretely raising here is the changing relationship between Castroist caste and proletarian class in Cuba as the process of restoration begins to unfold. In my opinion, this caste (or the dominant section of it) is already putting in place 'transitional measures'.
I am absolutely sure that Ken was NOT suggesting this, but just for the record, I am not a member of the ISO or any other sectarian group.
Viva la Revolucion! 
Shaun May.
February 2014

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