[Marxism] FW: How the West Manufactures Opposition Movements

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 12:06:18 MST 2014

+1  on the internal Ukrainian situation.  However, the interventions of
EU/NATO imperialism must also be taken into account.  The tendency to not
properly do so is my main beef with some of the 'anti-anti-imperialists",
in a reaction to the Putin-loving phonies that can be overly one-sided and
mechanical at times.

Since the EU/NATO bloc will obviously not be interested in promoting
"anti-capitalist" movements,  they will be forced to back the right wing
elements, no doubt requiring the promotion of a respectable "moderate" face
for a movement acceptable to them, whose essential animus will nevertheless
come for extreme reactionaries, neo-Nazi ultra-nationalists and the like -
of which there are also many in Putin's Russia, let us not forget,
basically coddled by that regime.  This same basically holds for Syria,
where NATO indirectly blocs with Saudi-promoted Islamic Jihadi ideologues
who aren't exactly the friends of progress. This latter is of course
problematic for NATO, as can be seen in Iraq, where the US at least finds
itself arming the Maliki government against the same.  Nobody said trying
to dominate  the world would be easy.  The good news is, so far, they are

The NATO-Japan bloc may not be the only imperialism in the world, but it is
BY FAR still the strongest imperialism on Earth, militarily, politically
and economically, even in its relative historical decline.


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