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I watched a TV programme quite recently on ancestry which mentioned the origins of blue eyes. The molecular anthropologists say that blue eyes originated specifically in the Anatolian Black Sea area about 10,000 BC. Interesting, but the Black Sea Turks do have a tendency towards fair skin, even blonde/fair hair and light eye colour. I know there were migrations in from Asia but they must have interbred. A Turkish friend had a relative from Samsun who looked like a Finn. 
I am proud to say that I share 99% of my DNA with the busy little mouse in the floorboards and 60% with the languishing bananas in the fruit bowl and 99.9% with our poor unfortunate biological cousins, the apes incarcerated in the zoos. We are all 'The Travelling Africans' (variants of them) really who have spread out since 200,000 YBP. The molecular anthropologists also say that we are all descended from a small group of proto-humans who lived in East Africa about 200,000 YBP. Their evidence is genetic markers in the mitochondrial DNA of the peoples of the Earth which is only transmitted down the female line (the mitochondria are found in the cytoplasm of the ovum). It's quite a fun area really. I was told jokingly as a child that I got my blue eyes from the milkman. But I never believed it. However, as they say, "only the woman really knows". Well, that used to be the case before genetic paternity testing of the Y-chromosome in boys. How do they determine paternity in girls?
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