[Marxism] Karl reMarks: A short, pre-emptive history of the Arab Spring

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 10 09:05:41 MST 2014

It is generally agreed that the Syrian revolution started with peaceful 
demonstrations against the government, but some people said that those 
demonstrations were actually filmed on special sets that were built for 
this purpose in Qatar. However, some people argued that the people 
saying that the demonstrations were filmed on set in Qatar were 
themselves saying this on special sets built in Iran. The people making 
those accusations were accused of making those statements on special 
sets built in Turkey. This may help explain why Syria is known for its 
historic dramas which are filmed on set.

The US and its Western allies didn’t know how to react to the Syrian 
revolt, with opinions split between those who said Assad should step 
down and others who thought he should step aside. This debate continued 
to plague American policy towards Syria, and President Obama decided to 
get around this by simultaneously arming and not arming the Syrian 
rebels, arguing that at least one of those policies will work. The 
policy was so clever that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize 
for Peace in 2009.


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