[Marxism] Man behind the Curtain for al-Qaeda in Syria is Assad and one on relief

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A long piece...

      Man behind the Curtain for al-Qaeda in Syria is Assad

> Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wanted the recent Geneva II peace
> conference to focus on terrorism. He says terrorism is the main
> problem and the looming danger in Syria and he knows he has an
> audience in the West. If we look back on Assad's past, we can see that
> he has always had a curious history with terrorists, rhetorically
> fighting them here, utilizing them there, setting them up, making
> whatever use of /"the terrorist"/ he can to advance his position.
> Never has that been more true than in the last three years in Syria.
> This post will review the current threat to the Syrian revolution
> posed by the two major Islamist terror groups, Jan al-Nusra [JAN] and
> the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant [ISIS]. We will look at their
> origins, including early connections to Baathists and Assad, before
> examining his regime`s use of staged /"terror attacks"/ and phony
> reports. Then we will look at the history of the Assad regime with
> these groups and some of their leading personalities and review the
> evidence that has accumulated to date that points to a close and
> controlling relationship between Bashar al-Assad and important
> elements within ISIS and JAN.
> ISIS and JAN have had some success in terrorizing the population in
> liberated areas, stoking sectarian fires, and creating a second front
> for those fighting for a democratic Syria. Bashar al-Assad has had
> some success in packaging their /"work produce"/ into his
> /"devil-you-know"/ sales kit and sent his team off to Geneva to sell
> all the world's powers on how Bashar is the best thing for terrorism
> since sliced ... From Assad Regime Working With Al-Qaeda
> <http://world.time.com/2014/01/27/syria-assad-geneva-al-qaeda/#ixzz2sVDyHuB3>,
> *Time*, 27 Jan 2014:
>     Regime representatives maintain that the biggest threat to
>     Syria---and the region---is the growing influence of
>     al-Qaeda-linked terror groups among the rebels. /"We have to agree
>     on a formula where all terrorist organizations should be fought by
>     all Syrians and be expelled,"/ Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal
>     Mekdad told the New York Times
>     <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/24/world/middleeast/Syria-Peace-Talks.html?_r=0>,
>     /"Those who are financing, supporting, arming and harboring
>     terrorists should be made accountable."/
> This post is for those that still think he might be right. I hope to
> show you that this ain't Kansas, and it certainly ain't Oz. and when
> it comes to the terrorists in Syria, Bashar al-Assad is the man
> standing behind the curtain.

A short one...  

      Human relief means stopping the bombs from falling

> There was talk during Geneva II about possibly a /"breakthrough"/ on
> /"humanitarian relief"/ for besieged Homs. Some refugees might be
> allowed out, provided they were passed by the regime fire wall. It
> never happened
> <http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/english/2014/01/un-humanitarian-chief-disappointed-by-geneva-talks-on-syria/>.
> Now there is talk about it again; some refugees might be allowed out
> and some food might be allowed in. Never mind, this is just the sort
> of thing torturers do. It isn't effective to just let your victims
> die, so occasional, controlled, relief is necessary to continue the
> siege.
> You see, Assad's real purpose in withholding food is not to starve
> them to death, its to starve them into submission, and this is taking
> a little longer than he expected. As we may conclude from the newly
> released pictures of the corpses of his prisoners, many would sooner
> starve to death than submit to his rule. So a little UN relief works
> for him; plus it burnishes his reputation as a /"reasonable man."/ But
> nevermind all that. The International /"community"/ is all abuzz
> <http://www.voanews.com/content/un-welcomes-humanitarian-agreement-for-syrian-city/1845982.html>
> and the media is again running this /"top story"/
> <http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/syria-meeting-endorses-humanitarian-access-22344648>
> about a possible breakthrough in /"humanitarian relief."/
> Meanwhile, Assad's bombs keep raining down on the people, as they did
> before, during, and after the bogus /"peace conference"/ and in the
> final analysis, none can escape the fact that if humanitarian relief
> means anything at all, it means stopping the bombs from falling.
> Anything less is /"feel good"/ for our benefit.


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