[Marxism] Orwell's schoolday fibs and the "public" schoolboys in the SWP

Charles Faulkner lacenaire at comcast.net
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i understand that someone had to review the publication of orwell's book, and i do not have any great quarrel with the review overall, but it is a bit tedious.  didn't crick go into all of this over 30 years ago?  orwell was a flawed man who tended to romanticize his past in a peculiar negative way .  his memory is countered by others.  he couldn't have been an unhappy child because someone saw him happy.  his memory of mrs. wilkes is not true because she was popular with other stu dents.  it's almost plagiarism.   the idea that orwell could not have had an unshared interior life because some evidence contradicts it need not have such a simple explanation . 

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Another public schoolboy ( in Britain that means private school boy) looks 
at Orwell's schoolday fibs and the peculiar place of the public shoolboys 
in the British SWP. 

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