[Marxism] Victory to the Bosnian Revolution!

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Thu Feb 13 01:34:34 MST 2014

Victory to the Bosnian Revolution!

Workers and Youth: Form Popular Councils and Take the Power! Spread the
Revolution to the whole Balkan! For a Socialist Federation of the Balkan

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT),
9.2.2014, www.thecommunists.net

1. The worldwide wave of popular uprisings and revolutions has reached
Bosnia since February 5. The protesters themselves call it the
“Bosnian Spring” referring to the “Arab Spring”. We send our
warmest greetings of solidarity to the heroic Bosnian workers and youth
who are fighting on the streets against the greedy capitalists and
corrupt politicians! Bosnia has been plundered for nearly two decades by
imperialist corporations and sleazy native entrepreneurs. They have been
assisted by the corrupt caste of politicians which dominate all parties
of the Bosniak, Serbian and Croatian communities. The country is
occupied by Western imperialists who treat it like a colony. The task is
now to transform the spontaneous uprising into an organized revolution.
This means that the workers and peasants should overthrow the ruling
class and take the power in their own hands. To avoid a derail of the
revolution it is urgent that the political advanced workers and youth
form a workers’ party based on a revolutionary program.


Revolutionär-Kommunistische Organisation BEFREIUNG
aktiv at rkob.net

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