[Marxism] "For members only" ISO documents now available: when will they ever learn?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 13:41:06 MST 2014

"Your branch can choose to hold pre-convention discussions at branch 
meetings or as events separate from branch meetings. Please be sure, 
however, to limit all preconvention discussions (and documents) ONLY TO 
DUES-PAYING MEMBERS OF THE ISO. If you believe that close contacts will 
benefit from the preconvention discussion, then encourage them to join 
the ISO and take part!"

 From the first page of "Pre-convention Bulletin #1 / October 2013" of 
the International Socialist Organization which is holding its convention 
this weekend in Chicago.

 From my status on Facebook:



If anyone is interested, the preconvention discussion of the 
International Socialist Organization, the largest "Leninist" (poor 
Lenin!) organization in the United States, is available for download.

The convention is scheduled to be held this weekend in Chicago.

The members-only collection has been made available by "Anonymous," who 
posted the following comment on The Pirate Bay:

* * *

the bolsheviks had no internal documents


long live wikileaks

long live the internet

long live socialism from below

ps NOT posted by the renewal faction

* * *

The article linked to is "Lenin was not a Leninist," which I did write, 
signing it with the pen name I've been using for many years. However, I 
did not post the pirate bay torrent, though if I helped inspire the 
posting, I am glad to have contributed to what I hope will be the 
beginning of the end of the childish "secret handshake" culture of the 
socialist left.

If for some reason you can't download via the torrent, send me a message 
with an email and I'll send them to you. I'm thinking especially of 
Universities that have the same attitude towards Internet freedom as the 
Chinese authorities and block file sharing, like Guilford College in 
North Carolina.


Well, at least the ISO can claim that *someone* cared enough to pirate 
the documents. What other socialist group can make that boast?


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