[Marxism] "For members only" ISO documents now available: when will they ever learn?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 14:33:58 MST 2014

Louis' description of the ISO is interesting. Not completely accurate.
Unlike a lot of self-described democratic centralist organizations, I've
seen ISO members split their votes at important occupy meetings and
education meetings. Enough so I didn't know what the "line" was of the ISO,
assuming it bothered to cross ever 't' and dot every 'i'. My view of the
ISO got better in large part witnessing it. Happens with my group as well.
Things change at meetings and *its' simply not that important* to have
every member of every group vote the exact same way like automatons.

On the other hand, Louis' comments can be interpreted as "why be in *any*
socialist group?" if there is no point in organizing your members to
support a position? Perhaps that is where Louis is leading, it's unclear.

I think block voting is appropriate in some cases and in some cases it is
simply silly. Some older former SWPers I talked with one noted that "The
ISO is not even an organization". I asked "what do you mean?". They
replied, "well...they don't require it seems their members to always vote
the same way!". I replied "So? Neither did the Bolsheviks".

But I generally agree with Andy about exposure of internal documents, there
is something very unseemly about it all. BTW...as to the comment that the
Bolsheviks didn't have internal documents is because they didn't have
pre-congress discussions, either, at least not for most members. They did a
lot of letter writing to each other which apparently sufficed. I suspect
the letters were quite private.


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