[Marxism] "For members only" ISO documents now available: when will they ever learn?

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 16:46:21 MST 2014

Louis Proyect writes:"Of course there is no reason to have such stringent
measures. "

Well there is a need to consider some issues of security, libel, factual
inadequacies, legality and soforth esp if the contributions go out publicly
 in the organization's name. But the irony is that in the online universe
the main deadhand is the contributor's name. Since employers nowadays web
search respective employees, being outed as an activist in
a contribution you wrote years ago can be an interview handicap. So content
issues aside there is a case for obscuring you name enough so that it isn't
Google friendly but has enough substance  that your fellow members will
recognise who you are.

The old moniker of Christian name plus initial -- as in 'Louis P, New York'
-- suffices I think. It may seem an archaic habit and a throwback,
even eccentric,  but if folk want to be career active, it is a good idea.

Nowadays the answer to  old bogey question, " Are you or have you ever been
a member of a Communist organization" is a really only a web search away...

And getting a post and its cache  taken down from  a search engine, is
complicated...and frustrating.

dave riley


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