[Marxism] "For members only" ISO documents now available: when will they ever learn?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 18:42:03 MST 2014


On your second point, the right of the individuals to know before s/he 
speaks who is listening, at least in certain contexts, that is, I 
believe, a real right. That is why I think it is well-nigh CRIMINAL for 
the ISO leadership to be blowing smoke up their members' asses about how 
these are members-only bulletins when they are sending them out 
unencrypted via email and websites in plaintext.

The ISO *SHOULD* be telling members that although they are taking 
measures to keep these bulletins from comrades in other socialist 
groups, everyone should assume that the patriarchal, white-supremacist, 
capitalist and imperialist enemy's police state in North America does 
have the documents, since the measures that have been adopted are 
completely ineffective if what you mean  by "privacy" AND "security" 
approximates more the dictionary meaning of those terms as opposed to "a 
fake and a fraud" or "sick joke". And given that the ISO's security 
measures fall into the "fraud/joke" category, those intending to post 
may want to adopt some precautions.

As to your first question, about the union about to start a Flint 
sit-down strike (80 years ago!!!), I would NOT demand  either of the 
alternatives you say are available, but rather a union able to tell the 
difference between a sit-down strike and bullshitting about newspaper 
sales and "socialist" day schools in a discussion bulletin.

On 2/14/2014 7:30 PM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
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> I'm still not convinced that comrades are distinguishing the two issues: a)
> the security and political reasons for having private discussions, on which
> there can be many opinions (and which can vary by circumstance -- would you
> demand a union going on strike allow all its plans to be visible to the
> boss (think Flint sitdown ruse)?) and b) the right of any individual to
> know before she speaks who will and will not hear her words.
> So let me make the distinction for you: anyone on this thread who says
> there is no such right under clause b) above, everything you ever say to
> anyone at any time from here on out is fair game  to be broadcast to the
> whole world from this point on. So do NOT share with me off the record
> anything personal.
> Andy
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